Other Primary Contributers

Skyler 17202693_1626001940750594_24521275687991140_n(4)

Skyler is a 25 year old video production and graphic design professional who works out every day to stay fit.  If you are young and looking to push your body to the next level, Skyler will show you how.  Check out posts by Skyler.

Jacqueline Jacqueline

Jacqueline is a 30 year old mother who has to schedule workouts and meal prep around two extremely active young children.  For those of you who are really busy and are looking for ways to fit your diet and fitness goals around your schedule, she’s the one to follow. Check out posts by Jacqueline.

Bert and Flo Bert and Flo

Bert and Flo are two people in their seventies who prove you can be fit at any age.   They spend time at the gym as well as their free time dancing the night away.  If you are a senior who feels like their “get up and go” “got up and went”, Bert and Flo will show you it’s never too late. Check out posts about Bert and Flo.