Pork Tenderloin Burgers

So I had no idea I would be making burgers out of pork tenderloin this week, but I couldn't help but try it.  I ran across a recipe from Taste of Home that used pork tenderloin as the meat in a burger.  I never thought to use it that way.  The original recipe for Tempting [...]


Lentil Bolognese

Bolognese sauce is one of the standard sauces in Italian cuisine.  It's a meat sauce which is totally delicious.  Because it is a meat sauce, it's also a lot of saturated fat and calories.  Then pair it with pasta and you have a nutritional nightmare.  Fear not, the humble lentil saves the day!  Sorchapud posted [...]

Skillet Salsa Verde Tortilla Rice Bake

I have made both chicken and rice bakes and chicken tortilla casseroles.  They are both very good.  While I was thumbing through a list of recipes for chicken and rice, I saw a recipe from Half-Baked Harvest that combined the two.  This recipe for Skillet Salsa Verde Tortilla Rice Bake uses salsa verde, the green [...]