I have never had Borscht. I will fully admit I don't love beets. It's one of those vegetables that I can eat, but if I have a choice, I prefer to skip them. I have a lot of things in this category. Well, Tony was juicing for quite a while and used beets and apples. [...]

Real Low Sodium Hot Dogs

Have you ever noticed that some things are never really low sodium. Like ham or many Asian sauces. Hot dogs are another one of those things. When a hot dog is listed as "low sodium", it's still very high. I wanted to set out to make our own low sodium hot dogs, but didn't know [...]

Black Pepper Beef and Cabbage Stir-Fry

I just celebrated by 44th birthday and it made me think about how some people think getting old is something we just do. I am older, but not old. Some parts of aging, like grey hair, perimenopause, and some limitations to my workouts were expected. Do we really have to "get old". For every passing [...]