Instant Pot Chana Dal Pulau

Our house has been nothing short of perfect. With the exception of one thing: there is something wrong with the drainage of the wastewater from the house. This was not an unknown problem. However, we still have to get it fixed. Old house, more problems. We fixed most of them, but since we hadn't had [...]


Tofu & Coconut Rice Casserole

Elvis has left the building! I mean the tools are leaving the house. This week Tony is removing tools and bringing them to our current house. We're only leaving a few to finish the flooring and other little things. My IT guy brother is finishing the network infrastructure. We are spending most of the week [...]

Alubian de Cantabria – Bean Stew from Northern Spain

Our house is moving closer to being done. My brother, and IT guy, made the house 21st century. We moved to do this because so much is being done connected to the internet. Working from home, streaming television and music and electronic assistants all draw down on internet. Our setup is closer to an office [...]