Cutting and Chopping Wood as a Workout

Doing Wood

First, I’ve taken a break from posting and producing videos. After the arm injury, my blood pressure whacked out. Not sure why: age, genetics, too much potassium, stress, or something else? Whatever the case, I’m on a medication for the first time in my 56 years and its equal parts humbling, and maddening. Maddening – because I weigh what I weighed in high school, and I lifted and ran then, too. And, humbling because for a minute, late at night, when the doubts creep up and grab me, like latter-day demons, I wondered if I’d survive. I mean, mortality’s something we all know we face, right? But, I’ve never been sure it’s coming for me. Until now.

So, ah, wood.

We heat with wood. Many people do. I can go out and get downed wood from various sources. The wood types are always hard: ash, maple, oak, and box-elder [for beginning and end of the season], We haven’t had to pay for it yet. However, there’s nothing free about getting it. Wood stoves, triple wall pipe, smoke stacks, rain covers, and various other items, cost money. Chain saw blades, chain saws, and gas and oil to run them. Diesel to fuel the truck costs. Trailers to haul bigger loads, costs. And, time’s not free. It’s a commodity we can’t replace. So, while it’s nice not to pay 300 heating bills, there’s nothing free about heating with wood.

You’ll see some stacks we have processed, some pieces cut to process, and some pieces cut to chop. Overall, I hope you get the idea. Heating with wood’s lovely, but it’s just as hard as the wood you burn.

Enjoy the video. Soon I’ll be starting the self-defense classes for those of us who don’t carry guns and aren’t secret agents. As with most things, please tell your friends about us, and let us know you appreciate our efforts by liking our videos and subscribing.

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