Getting better…progress

I've been getting better, slowly but surely.  I'm now back to doing 10,000 steps (Slowly, not at my usual pace).  I'm also doing some gentle yoga.  Here's the routine if you ever need one: I keep lots of different yoga routines in a playlist on YouTube.  Five Parks Yoga and Fightmaster Yoga are my two favorites.  [...]


Overtraining syndrome never leaves you.

Today I am not doing so well.  I skipped my usual Monday workout.  Today is the day I usually go balls out.  I got winded yesterday vacuuming (I have a heavy Kirby vacuum which doesn't help).  I got on the treadmill this morning and felt out of breath.  Last weekend I fell into a deep [...]

Don’t buy that gym membership! Save money by buying a few workout staples.

STOP!  Put down the credit card and pen!  Don't get a gym membership!  A lot of people this time of year buy gym memberships as part of a new years resolution.  I GUARANTEE you're wasting your money.  Gym owners love people who sign up for the gym and only use their membership for the month [...]