Housework as a workout

Cleaning the House


Okay, so, it’s not glamorous. And, no one likes doing it. But, it doesn’t do itself.


And, for those of you interested in fitness, you can make it a step-producing workout. Let’s break it down into its chief components for a two person, no child, no pet, household. I think you’ll see the benefits to the workout plans, as well as to everyday living. Here we go.

Dishes. For those of you who make your own food, live on a budget, or both, plenty of plates, forks, spoons, bowls, plastic freezer ware, measuring cups and spoons, glasses, and coffee cups add up – quickly. Again, we’re two people and I do all the dishes. I do them twice a day; sometimes three times when Kerry’s cooking. And, as you go to the video, you’ll see I do them in such a way as to conserve water. Michigan’s the one place in the world completely blessed with fresh water. That’s no excuse to not conserve water. Soon, with all the drought conditions being faced in several states, and around the world, Michigan might have to share its water. Even if it doesn’t, it makes sense to shave dollars off your budget by conserving water. So, I use a wash tub and save the water I use to rinse the clean dishes, then reuse it when I clean the dirty dishes. After I clean those dirty dishes, most of them go into the dishwasher. Some knives, steel bowls, cookware, and other items aren’t dishwasher safe. Those, I do by hand. Hence, the water saving measures. Additionally, as you’ll see in the video, I catch the water as it comes out of the dishwasher, and that water gets recycled as well. Yes, it’s extra work, but remember, you’re getting steps, and knocking down your water bill. If you’re lucky enough to have a well, then you’re doing yourlevelbest to make sure your well never goes dry.

Laundry: now, if you hang your clothes, or even just dry them and fold them, and put them away, the steps, not to mention the stairs, really add up. And, on the saving note: the dryer uses more electricity than any other appliance. So, I like to hang every piece of clothing I can. With Kerry’s sweaters, they all need flat drying, or rack hanging drying. Bras, same story. Plus, when you’re doing all those anyway, why not just do everything except those things that cause your wife chafing. Right? Saves money and there’s the special bonus of – you got it – you’re getting more steps. Now, if you’re really crazy about saving money, and the environment, set up a rain water system. Rain water’s clean, if you stay after cleaning your eaves, and you can cycle it through on the initial wash. Not much you can do with the rinse cycle. At least, I haven’t thought of anything, anyway. You need piped water for the final cycle.

Next, bathrooms. We all know how to clean those. Not going into much detail and I didn’t film it, either. But, I’m not sure if it trips out anyone but me to see dirty toilets? I clean those things, often. We’ll get into water saving tips on the shower, and general person cleaning in a different post.

That’s it for today. I’m Tony. And, as always, tell your friends about us, here at: Your Level Best, and we’ll see you next time…


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