Meet Marsha!

Marsha Intro

My name’s Marsha. I’m 46, a mom, a grandmother, a wife, a breast-cancer survivor, an IT professional, and a whole lot more that I’m NOT going to tell you about.

Well, at least not yet – there’s a wink in there, I’ll guarantee it.

Then I started with your level best, I weighed 201 pounds. After 2 months, with Kerry and Tony’s help, with my fitness app’s help, with my husband’s help, and with the grace of a bull headedness that comes from any country girl, I’ve lost: 23.4 pounds [I just got weighed at the Doctor’s office, this morning]. Also, my blood pressures dropped from the 160s over the 120s to 118 over 78. I didn’t want to end up like my mom. She’s still with us – thank God. But, she had a major stroke, caused by a thalamic bleed brought on by, you guessed it, uncontrolled high blood pressure. Again, I didn’t want to walk down that street. So, here I am. And, there you are. Wherever you are.

I’m guessing, you’re somewhere in the battle, right there with me. Otherwise, why would you be reading this, and watching me? Yes?

So, if I can give up my Mountain Dew, you can, too. And, come on, we’re going to do this: together. Where else can you have so much fun, lose calories, lose weight, increase your well-being, and not cheat on your significant other, right?

Okay, just kidding.

No, really, this is serious stuff. We have one body we go through life with; and, it’s time to get back to being in control of it. That’s what your level best is all about.

Now, how?


We’re going to lift weights together, work on cardio, and if you’re good, I’ll talk about how it feels to survive breast cancer surgery, and start working out. Even if you’re not good, I’m still going to talk about it.

Okay, I’ll talk to you again: soon. I’m Marsha (without Jan and Cindy). See you next time at: Your Level Best.



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