Here in Michigan, we are still closed down until the through part of June. You may have also heard in the news there have been high infection rates at meat processing plants. This makes eating meat a dangerous prospect. It is a good time to work on new vegetarian recipe. I am using dry kidney [...]

A Skinny Seitan “Danielle”

I am working on more ways to use beans. This recipe totally transforms them. This is loosely based on Chicken Danielle, but when I looked at the recipe, it was as unhealthy as it comes. Canned soup, lack of vegetables, sky high calories and sodium, low macros. The healthiest thing about the recipe was the [...]

Vegan Esquites that is more than just a side

I was watching an America's Test Kitchen video on the treadmill and saw a recipe for Esquites. It looked so good. For those who are not familiar with Esquites, it is a salad made to be like Mexican street corn. Mexican street corn has crema and cheese and warm spices. Equites take the corn off [...]

Middle Eastern Rice with Black Beans and Chickpeas

Another week working part time at home. I think without the technology we have today, it would be much harder to work at home. I use both Microsoft Teams and Slack to work on different projects. Both allow me to keep in touch with my colleagues easily. VPN technology has improved too. I don't need [...]