Happy New Year! Why regular gym-goers despise New Year’s resolution folks at the gym.

Happy New Year! Hopefully by now you know to skip the resolutions. I know when someone makes a resolution at New Years, they will be over it by February. That’s why I wanted to extend the conversation from last year. I talked about skipping a gym membership and the benefits of working out at home. The investment into a gym membership isn’t worth it for most people. The other reason is this: if you’re only going to the gym in January, regular gym-goers will hate you. How do I know? I used to be one of them.

It sounds pretty harsh. It makes it sound like those who are more serious about working out are negatively judging those that are trying to get back into shape. That’s not true. I know many respect the heck out of someone who is not in the best of shape, working towards getting better. They will even help support you. Many also really don’t worry about anything other than their own workout. However, those who make a resolution are another animal entirely. Here are the reasons why regular gym-goers dislike folks who make New Year’s resolutions (NYR):

  1. The typical NYR gym-goer is very gung-ho to start.  Usually looking for quick results.  This leads to improper use of machines and weights and then injuries.
  2. The typical NYR person is not familiar with gym etiquette, which is really annoying.  No one likes un-racked weights and sweaty machines.
  3. The typical NYR crowd clogs the gym with people making it hard to use the equipment you want to use.  I know many who want to skip the gym in January or go on off hours to avoid the rush.

If you’re not sure about starting a workout regimen, I would suggest skipping the gym membership until you are sure about working out regularly.  Buying a gym membership and not using it only makes money for the gym.  If you are really out of shape, start by taking walks, then working into more complex workouts.  Do body weight exercises until you are confident enough to do weights.  Then maybe consider a gym.  However, you may become more prone to keeping your workout at home.  It’s way more convenient.  And you don’t have to worry about working around others.  It’s also way cheaper, even if you eventually buy your own large equipment.  Keep your goals sustainable too.  You’re not going to go from hundreds of pounds overweight to a body building competition in a couple of months.  It may be just walking around the block without becoming winded.  Consider what you like to do.  I hate running so I don’t do it.  You may love Zumba.  Try some different things and find what you like.  If you look at successful weight loss stories they have one thing in common, they found what they could stick to.  No fad diets and NYRs.  Skip the gym and the NYR.  Figure out what works best for you.  It’ll take a little longer to do, but the result will be sustainable health and weight loss.


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