Eating healthy on a business trip

I was in Denver, Colorado for a business trip over the last week. Business trips present a challenge when eating healthy. The biggest is you don’t have total control over what and where you will eat. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have any control at all. You just need a good strategy. Here is the strategy I use when I go on a business trip

1) Control everything you can.  I knew I could at least control my breakfast.  One of the things I don’t like when I go to a conference is the breakfast is usually terrible.  It is typically a bunch of pastries and fruit.  No protein.  I wish the organizers would change that.  However, I can pretty much bet on that for breakfast.  Since I eat my own yogurt mixture, I can make sure my breakfast is set.  I usually mix my powders ahead of time and bring them with me.  Then I see out a grocery store and buy the yogurt.  I mix my breakfast and take that with me.  Yes, that means also bringing a small cooler with me every day.  But, it meant I knew what I was getting for breakfast.

2) Load up on filling ingredients when eating buffet style.  The meals at this conference were served buffet style.  I loaded up on veggies and beans and less on meat and carbs.  This way you stay full for longer.  However, if it’s a plated meal, you get what you get.

3) Opt for vegetarian when eating out.  I was lucky this trip and found a great restaurant called City O’ City.  It was an AMAZING vegetarian restaurant.  No kidding.  The big thing about this place was I got great vegetarian protein, lots of veggies and the option for green veggie sides.  I believe in choosing vegetarian options because they are low in calories than meat-based options.  That being said, fried food is still fried food.  Don’t think vegetarian means very low calorie.  It’s better, but not completely low in calories.  

4) Don’t sweat it.  This is the most important.  I ate more calories than I normally do.  I knew that going in.  It’s only for a few days.  Just get back to normal when you can.

5) Keep up with your workouts.  I worked out every day while I was there.  I do yoga and have a special hotel room workout.  If you want to see my own version of a body weight workout, I can post it.  I still worked out and walked every day.  No excuses.

Those are my strategies.  What do you do to not kill your progress while on business?  Let me know in the comments.


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