Portion control with large batches and people with different needs

I am not cooking again this week. Filming was grueling and I am going on a business trip next week. If you think people who act have it easy, it is very tiring to do a feature film. The only difference between me an someone making millions per film is they have food catered and their own trailer and assistants. Trying to get takes right can take hours, especially if the lines are long and the movements are more complicated. Add to that being in front of a green screen, having to react to things that aren’t there adds on the difficulty.

In my last post I talked about cooking two large batches of dishes for myself and everyone else. This is no big deal when no one is tracking calories. However, two of us are and two of us are not. I don’t want to force anyone to count calories and take less because Tony and I are. I have said this many times that forcing someone to taking on a healthy lifestyle doesn’t work. How to make a big batch of a soup or stew for people with different needs? It all comes down to weight.

This is the scale I use. It takes up to 11 pounds. This is the America’s Test Kitchen winning scale. All I did was take my dish and weigh out the whole thing. You may have to do things in batches if you have a small scale. Get the total weight and divide by the amount of servings. There is your serving size. Now, you can weigh out a perfect portion for yourself while not giving less to someone with a bigger appetite. The Polish Bigos was 280g. Here is what my label looked like:

This was made with a marker and painter’s tape. I froze the container until we were ready to eat. That’s really it. If you are really serious about losing or maintaining your weight, a little extra work helps to mitigate any overeating. This was a little extra work for me, but it was worth it. No one left hungry. Tell me what you think. Would you do this yourself? Leave a comment down below.


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