My cardiovascular system is finally improving


I was getting pretty worried about my progress last week.  One of the things I typically do in the morning on the weekend is walk three miles per hour on the treadmill for 3000 steps.  I couldn’t handle it last weekend.  I felt like my week was going to be very slow on improvement.  However, by the end of the week I finally stopped having to stop my lunch walks early due to exertion.

I have a 30 minute lunch that I take for work.  I think it’s much better to walk for that time and eat my lunch at my desk.  It breaks up the day and it helps me stay awake and get some physical activity away from my sitting.  I know they tell you not to eat at your desk because it could lead to mindless eating.  But I think they (they being experts who give advice) were also talking about people not taking a break at all.  So, yes I do take a break every day.  I just choose to walk.  By the end of the week I walked the whole route without issue.  I got on the treadmill this morning and finally did my regular walk and had no issue either.  FINALLY I can get back to lifting weights next week (no jump roping yet).

This past week I alternated two yoga routines:

A light routine from Leslie Fightmaster:

and a more intense one:

I used these two because they were up in intensity from the week before and I outgrew them long ago.  Meaning they were too easy and I moved on to something more intense.  I kept them in my arsenal because they were great routines.  They are great to go back to when I need to scale back.  They are also good if you are beginner and want to up your game.

Next week I plan to do one of these yoga routines interspersed with static weights and treadmill intervals.  I don’t have the workout yet figured out, but I will post it next week.


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