My cardiovascular system is finally improving

I was getting pretty worried about my progress last week.  One of the things I typically do in the morning on the weekend is walk three miles per hour on the treadmill for 3000 steps.  I couldn't handle it last weekend.  I felt like my week was going to be very slow on improvement.  However, [...]


Overtraining syndrome never leaves you.

Today I am not doing so well.  I skipped my usual Monday workout.  Today is the day I usually go balls out.  I got winded yesterday vacuuming (I have a heavy Kirby vacuum which doesn't help).  I got on the treadmill this morning and felt out of breath.  Last weekend I fell into a deep [...]

Hi I’m Kerry and I’ve overtrained.

  Hi I'm Kerry and I've overtrained. Yes I did. It’s hard to believe that anyone these days overtrains. With the obesity issue being what it is, why is this even a problem. Well, it is and it’s easier than you think to do. It’s also dangerous. Hence, why I wanted to tell my story [...]