Low Carb Caramel Coconut Cookie Bars

The house is moving along. I am excited that I have a couple of new appliances coming this week. Finally, a working refrigerator that has a water dispenser with ice. No more working on hot days with warm water in my water bottle. I know it's first world problems, but the house gets pretty hot [...]

Marinara Beans

This weeks recipe came out of sheer curiosity. Flipping through recipes, as I always do, I ran across this one for Cheesy Marinara Beans. I never though about taking white beans and treating them in the spirit of lasagna. And why not? They can be used in that way. The only things I see that [...]

Low Carb Millionaire Shortbread

I got the floor laid.  I managed to finish without busting up any more of my fingers.  If you can afford not do, don't buy the Home Depot Trafficmaster laminate flooring.  It's not worth the headache to install.  Tony gets the easy flooring (the stuff that costs $2.39 a square foot versus 49 cents a [...]