Tangy Chicken and Pumpkin Cabbage Enchiladas

I love enchiladas. Specifically green chicken enchiladas. They are so comforting to eat. However, they have not made it on menu in a long time because the calorie and sodium counts are just too high. I think they may make it into my life once again due to a recipe from Isabel Eats for Low [...]


Moroccan Turkey Stew

Now that I have all of this lovely dark meat from the Thanksgiving turkey, now it's time to make something with it.  I wanted to do something a bit more interesting than your typical stew.  Not that your basic turkey stew is bad.  I love that too, but you can only do that so many [...]

“I don’t want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger.” and other excuses women use to avoid lifting weights.

“I don’t want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger.” I’ve heard this statement come out of the mouths of many women. Also, “I gain muscle too quickly.” or “I don’t want to get big.”. What am I talking about? I’m talking about women and weightlifting. There are still lots of women out there that are afraid [...]

Adding Protein to a Recipe

There are lots of great recipes out there.  You can find them all over the Internet.  You probably also have a ton of cookbooks at home.  When you start eating healthier, does that mean your favorite recipes get thrown out?  Of course not!  As you begin to understand the amount of protein and other macros [...]