Getting better…progress


I’ve been getting better, slowly but surely.  I’m now back to doing 10,000 steps (Slowly, not at my usual pace).  I’m also doing some gentle yoga.  Here’s the routine if you ever need one:

I keep lots of different yoga routines in a playlist on YouTube.  Five Parks Yoga and Fightmaster Yoga are my two favorites.  I always go back to just yoga when I want to slow down.  I could give up HIIT before I will give up yoga.  If you’re one of those folks that says yoga is too slow and you can’t do anything that will push you, you’d be wrong.  I have several routines that will kick your butt!  However, the biggest reason I do yoga is flexibility.  I see so many young people forget to stretch and look old by the time they turn 40 because of stiffness.  I’ve heard from lots of people that you have to be flexible to even attempt yoga.  That’s a bunch of crap.  I BECAME flexible because of yoga.  I couldn’t do anything, but over time I opened up.

This upcoming Monday I plan to take it up a notch with my yoga and see how I feel.  I’m still keeping my calories low to prevent weight gain.  I am looking forward to eating more as I go.  I’ll keep you updated on my progress.


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