Thanksgiving 2018

Thanksgiving is next Thursday and I figured it would be good to share with you what I plan to make.  I've been the person that cooks for the past few years and I try to mix healthy with a little naughty for the menu.  If you are in the process of losing weight you may [...]


Meet Jacqueline

  Meet Jacqueline a busy mother of two who understands how to fit in a healthy lifestyle when you're short on time.  She has plenty of tips for busy moms (or anyone else who is really busy) on staying healthy and fit.  Post questions for her in the comments!

“Get on your feet and off your seat; don’t sit and knit”

“Get on your feet and off your seat; don’t sit and knit” (Flo & Bert, 2017). Staying fit through the life course takes: “adjustment, work, and a stout-sense of knowing aches and pains may exist, but lessen with work”, according to Bert and Flo. They’re 70-somethings who make some 30-somethings look sedentary by comparison. Their [...]

A lifestyle change for healthier eating

You may be thinking about losing weight, but understand that changing your eating habits is difficult. We’ve all seen the people who suffer through a dieting. Losing weight is all about suffering, right? I don’t believe that and here’s why: who wants to suffer? If the change makes you suffer and you have trouble that [...]