Spicy Turkey Soup with Yogurt, Chickpeas, and Mint Recipe

I still have some turkey legs in my freezer to use up. With the Instant Pot, I think I can put it to good use by using the bone-in legs to make a flavorful broth and dried beans to save sodium. But I don't want to make another boring turkey soup. Not that a good [...]

Turkey and Cranberry Stew

Now that I have made a recipe with the turkey legs, there is still the business of cooking the leftover bits. This includes the neck, backbone, giblets and the rest of the turkey frame. I typically like to use a slow cooker for this because it does such a good job bringing out goodness from [...]

Slow Cooker Saucy Thai Chicken and Butternut Squash Curry

Another week and another day to work on our house. I spent last week cleaning out one corner of a shed. Typically, one corner should not take all that long, but stuffed in a small space were: several bags of chewed up foam padding, two large carpets, two jackets, a tarp, a rusty fold up [...]