A healthy version of Polish Bigos

Bigos is a Polish hunter's stew.  It contains bacon, pork, and polish sausage.  All things that taste good, but could raise your sodium for the day through the roof.  I love Polish food.  With Hamtramk about an hour from here, we know good authentic Polish food.  This recipe is one that needs to preserve the [...]

A Thanksgiving inspired beef stew

I was looking up a recipe to adjust for you this week, but found that I ended up developing my own instead.  I had some leftovers to use.  No, not turkey but the other half of a beef roast from another recipe.  The recipe also called for canned cranberry sauce, which is terrible.  If I [...]

Your Level Best Version of Moroccan Beef Stew

Original Recipe from Very Well: Slow Cooker Moroccan Beef Stew This recipe didn't need too much of a makeover.  Around our house, we love beef stew and we love international flavors.  This beef stew recipe has that.  The calories weren't too bad as was the protein and vitamin A.  The tomatoes had to go.  Here [...]