Swedish Cabbage Casserole – Kålpudding

Things are moving along at the new house. However, the huge pile of beige tile we had in our garage is now down to nothing. This means we had to pull up tile in a part of our current house to place down in our new one. Now I have a bare floor that needs [...]

Beet Chili

I never thought I would ever be using beets in a chili. It's one of those ingredients that doesn't scream "chili" to me. No matter. I still have extra beets to use up and am game for something new. I am starting with a recipe from Wholesome Family Living for Superfood Chili. This chili recipe [...]

Black Pepper Beef and Cabbage Stir-Fry

I just celebrated by 44th birthday and it made me think about how some people think getting old is something we just do. I am older, but not old. Some parts of aging, like grey hair, perimenopause, and some limitations to my workouts were expected. Do we really have to "get old". For every passing [...]