Floors, floors and more floors. That's what's been going on at our new house. Tony lays the tile, and I come behind him and clean the tile, grout, and remove the grout haze. The tile floors look great. I am glad we are using tile instead of another type of flooring. Way easier to clean. [...]


I had other plans on what I was going to cook this week.  I have some turkey legs I need to use up.  I am still working through some meat that was in the broken freezer.  I was originally going to do chicken and dumplings.  I still will.  However, I watched an episode from Middle [...]

Middle Eastern Rice with Black Beans and Chickpeas

Things are pretty busy around our house. Between working from home, working on personal projects, getting our new home ready and making some upgrades to our current house, there's a lot to do. Even with all of this, I refuse to go for takeout when I can make something healthy and, quite frankly, better that [...]

Middle Eastern Rice with Black Beans and Chickpeas

Another week working part time at home. I think without the technology we have today, it would be much harder to work at home. I use both Microsoft Teams and Slack to work on different projects. Both allow me to keep in touch with my colleagues easily. VPN technology has improved too. I don't need [...]