Lentil Stew

Another week of working on the house.  We are so close but yet not quite there yet.  I installed a reverse osmosis system, and was so proud of myself.  That was until the needle valve started leaking.  I hope a new plastic compression sleeve will fix it.  Otherwise it's painting and installing shower doors this [...]

Alubian de Cantabria – Bean Stew from Northern Spain

Our house is moving closer to being done. My brother, and IT guy, made the house 21st century. We moved to do this because so much is being done connected to the internet. Working from home, streaming television and music and electronic assistants all draw down on internet. Our setup is closer to an office [...]

Sundubu Jjigae (Korean Spicy Soft Tofu Stew)

I chose a Korean dish this week because it was simple to make with lots of flavor. Also, this dish was not a dish that would be overly salty. I started with a recipe from My Korean Kitchen and made some changes. Typically Asian dishes use a lot of salty ingredients. This one does not [...]