This recipe was influenced by my Mom. I am always looking for ways to increase my eastern European recipe repertoire. The last time she visited, all she wanted to eat for dinner was the Polish Bigos I made. Any time I come across a new eastern European recipe, I want to update it for her. [...]

Lunchbox Brownies

I love America's Test Kitchen's gluten free brownies. They are awesome, but over 200 calories a piece. Not to mention high in sugar. I don't want to delete brownies from my life completely. With the Cinnamon Roll Cake [add link] being a hit with the changes I made, that's not to say they won't work [...]

Middle Eastern Rice with Black Beans and Chickpeas

Things are pretty busy around our house. Between working from home, working on personal projects, getting our new home ready and making some upgrades to our current house, there's a lot to do. Even with all of this, I refuse to go for takeout when I can make something healthy and, quite frankly, better that [...]