Mushroom Curry

No rest for the wicked! I am putting in a floor in one of our small rooms this weekend, so I needed a recipe that would not take too much time to prep and cook. I had a recipe from Jamie Oliver for Mushroom Curry that fit the bill. It's based off of mushrooms with [...]

Vegan Swedish Meatballs

I was inspired to find a vegan Swedish meatballs recipe by one of my favorite YouTube Chefs: Alex the French Guy. Alex is a...french guy. He lives in France and mixes his engineering talents with cooking. Alex is publishing a series on making the perfect meatball. Not just perfect tasting, but perfectly shaped. On his [...]

Vegan Chickpea Fritatta

Since I did a holiday meal last week, I decided to give the big cooking a rest this week. Something simple and vegetarian. That's when I came across a recipe from the MyFitnessPal Hello Healthy Blog for Vegan Chickpea Fritatta. I love fritatta and it's an easy way to use up ingredients. The recipe was [...]

A vegetarian low sodium holiday meal

I decided to make a second holiday meal this year that was for sure healthy, vegetarian, low sodium and dairy free. The bad part of other people cooking for you is that they may not understand the intricacies of your diet. For example, my sister in law made these wonderful chicken bites. She did everything [...]