Golden Cauliflower Dal with Red Lentils, Bell Pepper, Coconut and Spinach

What a busy week! Tony has been working on our old house getting ready to sell. We have so much stuff! We have so much stuff because we accumulated things from others in the family. They didn't have room for it, so it ended up with us. That includes cars. One of our cars came [...]


Instant Pot Chili Beans, Tempeh and Greens Burrito Bowl

I love Rick Bayless and the interesting Mexican dishes he recreates.  Every time I connect in Chicago, I eat at Fonterra Grill.  I am still trying to get my hands on huitlacoche (a fungus that infects corn).  His restaurants serve it.  I sounds like something you would want to avoid, it infects corn after all.  [...]

Tempeh and Walnut Tacos

I'm really busy this weekend, so I was looking for an easy dinner. I came across the recipe for Vegan Tempeh-Walnut Tacos from Better Homes and Gardens and it looked like a great vegetarian option that was quick and easy. I plan to replace the tortillas in this recipe with rice to make the tacos [...]