Dal Makhani

I am now able to work from home, at least part time. I am glad where I work is now following what everyone else is being asked to do. I am part of the essential workforce, but we need to make sure our essential workforce stays healthy so we can help everyone else. Before I [...]

Vegan Hoppin' John

I haven't made our recipe for Hoppin' John for a while because we have moved to becoming vegetarians. Traditional Hoppin' John contains pork. I love pork, but there had to be a way to make a vegetarian version. Leave it to Connesserus Veg to get a solid recipe to start with. There are black eyed [...]

Japanese Style Fried Rice

It's been getting busier and busier since the coronavirus outbreak has been ramping up. Now I'm working weekends so I need to have meals that are quick and healthy. Just because you may be busy, doesn't mean that you can't eat healthy. One of the reasons I do this blog is to help others with [...]