Adding Vitamin C to a Recipe

I’m sure everyone here has had their orange juice to get their vitamin C for the day.  Juice is stripped of all the fiber and other good things and is loaded with sugar and calories.  While that’s one way to do it, there are other healthier ways to do it that work much better.  According [...]

“Get on your feet and off your seat; don’t sit and knit”

“Get on your feet and off your seat; don’t sit and knit” (Flo & Bert, 2017). Staying fit through the life course takes: “adjustment, work, and a stout-sense of knowing aches and pains may exist, but lessen with work”, according to Bert and Flo. They’re 70-somethings who make some 30-somethings look sedentary by comparison. Their [...]

Make your recipe a vitamin A powerhouse!

Do you take a multivitamin every day?  Are you worried that you’re not getting the nutrients you need from your food?  Now, it’s easier than ever to determine what nutrients you are eating and how much.  I believe strongly that we should be eating our vitamins and minerals, not taking supplements.  While in some cases [...]

A lifestyle change for healthier eating

You may be thinking about losing weight, but understand that changing your eating habits is difficult. We’ve all seen the people who suffer through a dieting. Losing weight is all about suffering, right? I don’t believe that and here’s why: who wants to suffer? If the change makes you suffer and you have trouble that [...]