A Painful Lesson…

Hey everybody! Hope you all have had a great week! I’ve hit a bit of a plateau this week, and it’s all my own fault. I joined a gym last week because it’s starting to get dark earlier and I still want to get all my step goals in. My commute to work is an [...]


Meet Marsha!

My name’s Marsha. I’m 46, a mom, a grandmother, a wife, a breast-cancer survivor, an IT professional, and a whole lot more that I’m NOT going to tell you about. Well, at least not yet – there’s a wink in there, I’ll guarantee it. Then I started with your level best, I weighed 201 pounds. [...]

Hi I’m Kerry and I’ve overtrained.

  Hi I'm Kerry and I've overtrained. Yes I did. It’s hard to believe that anyone these days overtrains. With the obesity issue being what it is, why is this even a problem. Well, it is and it’s easier than you think to do. It’s also dangerous. Hence, why I wanted to tell my story [...]

How to stretch your muscles for better flexibility

Stretching. I know. It seems like a waste of time. Especially, given how quickly the collected pages of our Lifebook’s turn. But, before you dismiss it out of hand, please look at these questions. 1. Do you experience pain, for no reason whatsoever, like you didn’t get hit by a truck last night, get in [...]