How to stretch your muscles for better flexibility

Stretching. I know. It seems like a waste of time. Especially, given how quickly the collected pages of our Lifebook’s turn. But, before you dismiss it out of hand, please look at these questions. 1. Do you experience pain, for no reason whatsoever, like you didn’t get hit by a truck last night, get in [...]

Weightlifting exercises for your legs

Kerry and I started blogging, and originated this channel, to help people lose weight. We're both tired of seeing diet programs that seem to tip the scales toward money gains. And, while clients lose weight, the weight comes back when the money to the company, stops. It doesn’t matter what diet you choose. They all [...]

“Get on your feet and off your seat; don’t sit and knit”

“Get on your feet and off your seat; don’t sit and knit” (Flo & Bert, 2017). Staying fit through the life course takes: “adjustment, work, and a stout-sense of knowing aches and pains may exist, but lessen with work”, according to Bert and Flo. They’re 70-somethings who make some 30-somethings look sedentary by comparison. Their [...]